“What you told me about my coworker was insightful and helped me with my relationship with her. We are on a path of healing now.”

Linda C. from Seattle, WA

“After that amazing reiki session, I felt so relaxed, at peace. Thank you so much Katja. It was an awesome experience that I would love to enjoy again.”

N.K from Fremont, CA

“You’re really helped me with some of your insights!”

Shannon F. from Milwaukee, WI

“Great reiki session. Very relaxing and calming. After the session, I felt refreshed and it seems like I had a weight lifted off of me. My mind was clear and I felt happy. I love how professional the session was. Really enjoyed the lightness of the essential oil aromatherapy and also the calming music in the background.”

William C. from San Mateo, CA

“My stomach and my head felt warm. I felt quiet and relaxed. After you touched my feet, I felt pressure on my hips. I slept very well. Usually I sleep badly, but last night I slept very well. ”

Tracy L. from San Jose, CA