Angelic Reiki

The greatest difference between Angelic Reiki and traditional forms of Reiki is the vibration of the energy being felt. During an Angelic Reiki session, the vibration of your body is brought to a higher level, allowing the release of negative influences to be more possible and to potentially speed up any healing that is taking place in your physical or emotional body. People who come back from an Angelic Reiki session frequently report feeling lighter, happier, and more clear-headed. Additionally, as hinted by its name, Angels are an integral part of an Angelic Reiki session and it is their beautiful, pure energy that is being channeled. What I love about Angelic Reiki is how comfortable, welcoming, and protected a place becomes when Angelic Reiki is being performed there consistently. When I was being mentored by my teacher, I would occasionally catch glimpes of sparkles of light in the corner of my eye, letting me know that my teacher’s healing space was frequented by the Angels. During an Angelic Reiki session, the Angels surround you and provide you with their healing light, and in a few occasions, some have even reported an Angel’s touch.

If you have any questions about Angelic Reiki, please see the FAQs page or contact me directly.