Angelic Reiki Master

When people ask me how I got started doing what I do, I tell them that I am a regular person who happens to be going on an amazing spiritual journey.

My guides and angels had to work hard to bring me over to the world of energy and spirituality. Before this part of my life, I believed only what I could see with my physical eyes and chuckled at the prospect that there could be more to this life than our bodies decomposing at the end.

My viewpoints took a turn when one day a voice spoke to me in my mind. I somehow knew without a doubt that the voice came from elsewhere despite all my logical reasoning. The seed was planted that eventually cracked my entire belief system about the world and why we are here as human beings.

I have always felt an intense energy in my hands all my life whenever I touched someone with the intention to heal. After my mental breakthrough, I was lead to study and receive my Master certification in Angelic and Usui Reiki. Since then, everyone who has received a session with me has reported positive benefits. One client who is also a Clairvoyant reported seeing immense cosmic energy pouring through my crown chakra into my body, my arms, and out through my hands.

I fell in love with Reiki pouring through my body while giving or receiving Reiki. The feeling I can only describe as immense joy, peacefulness, feeling re-energized, and like a reset button has been pushed for my emotional well-being. I am very grateful to have received the gift of Reiki from my teachers and am excited to share the same experience with others.