While taking a bath one night and contemplating about my life as I think most people do while taking a bath, I asked God if my lack of sleep and general frazzledness could just be taken away…please. I had just moved into a small apartment (from a house) and was greeted with a stompy upstairs neighbor who got ready for work from 3:30am to 4:30am, plenty of noise for my small dog to bark incessantly at, and figuring out how to fit three rooms worth of stuff into two smaller rooms. Also, launching a new online business, and taking care of everything while my husband was away for two weeks on a business trip. You could say that I was slightly overwhelmed, but mostly due to lack of sleep. A girl definitely needs her sleep if you know what I mean.

Shorting after making the request, I felt my spirit body lift up as if getting pulled upwards. I saw in my mind a murky orange colored energy getting sucked out of my body. It felt like I was a rug that got vacuumed a few times! Immediately afterward, a most blissful feeling washed over me, and I saw in my mind a bright entity surrounded by white light. She appeared to be female with brown hair; I could not see her clearly due to the bright light. I asked if she was an Angel. Suddenly, I felt deeply emotional and started crying.

The entity spoke in my mind with words and images. She seemed to say that I was special. I said, “No I’m not.” She said, “Yes you are special.” I said, “Everyone is special.” She said, “Yes everyone is special, and you are special.” I said, “Therefore, I’m not special if everyone is special.” She decided to not reply to that 😀

She told me that I have all the tools at my disposal to start my life’s mission (healing work, teaching, spreading knowledge).

She indicated that I have suppressed my throat chakra, and when I am ready to speak more as I am meant to do, my jaw and gum issues will leave my body.

She said, “You will be well” and left.

Afterward, as I relaxed in the bath, I had many images about opening a healing practice, memories of everyone’s encouragement and advice, and all the tools I could use in my work.

This event was probably one of the most amazing experiences so far in my spiritual journey.

Thanks for joining me on my journey! As always, I wish many blessings for you, for wondrous things to happen to you every day, and for you to recognize all the goodness, grace and wisdom that is you.

Love, Katja