Hi All,

I wanted to share some interesting/funny dreams I had about spiders.

Prior to maybe six months ago, I rarely dreamt (or felt like I didn’t). A few months ago they increased in frequency. Now I have dreams almost daily. Therefore, it was fascinating to me when I started having vivid dreams about spiders.

I also want to explain that a few years ago, I noticed that I had an interesting relationship with spiders. Whenever I was about to make a terrible decision, a fat garden spider would appear in the tub while I was showering (not a calm experience). I am now trained by the spiders so well that I will think about my life when a spider appears.

A month ago, Jaska and I were in LA. I felt elated at all the food options and decided that I wanted a cookie ice cream sandwich. I felt a huge, “Nooooo, don’t do it!!” the whole way to ordering my dessert. I ended up eating the whole thing.

That night, a big brown garden spider was in the tub with me. It was dead, having drowned inside the Johnsons’ baby shampoo bottle that I was using. I swear it was not there when I picked up the shampoo bottle and used it twice 🙁

Dream 1 – Black Widow: That night, I dreamt that I was at a restaurant ordering food. I chose the menu item that said, “TOXIC: Chef’s Dinner Special.” When the order came, I removed the plate cover and saw a huge roasting black spider, like an upside-down black widow. I screamed, and then the entire scene repeated over and over again the whole night. I didn’t eat any more ice cream or sugar products after that.

Dream 2 – World Ending Part 1: A week later I had another dream where the world was ending, and my team and I were trying to save it. Buildings collapsed, exploded and people were running. We were assisted by aliens who lent us their space shuttles so that we could take to the skies to rid of the enemy. However, there was an issue where we couldn’t navigate through all the smoke and debris. The Mother Spider helped us by releasing all her spiderlings so that everyone had one spiderling inside each space shuttle. We were finally able to navigate by using the spiderlings’ spidey senses.

Dream 3 – World Ending Part 2: A few days later, a brief dream where I was like Tris in the movie Divergent, leading my team through the carnage of the world ending. One of my team members covering our backs was a huge spider.

Dream 4 – Spider with a Sense of Humor: In my last spider dream, the spider appeared briefly as a grandma figure. Then I was in the carnage of the world ending again. A guy, one of my team members, argued with me (he looked human, but I knew he was a spider). I accused him of a crime. He replied, “I’ve always loved and cared for you and the other orphans, but you misunderstand me and my intentions.”

Then I woke and felt a presence above me. I saw in my mind a huge orange and black furry tarantula. I may have drifted in and out of sleep at this point. Anyway, I asked the tarantula, “Can’t you be cuter?” I thought about Leo the Lion and how other people described their animal spirit guide as eagles, bears, and lions.
The tarantula replied, “Lions are majestic and strong. However, spiders are intelligent, creative, we make great artwork. We possess powers of manifestation. We are unexpectedly strong and fast. We have unlimited patience, waiting for the right moment to strike.”

I gave her an “eyebrow-raise.”

She continued, “You are a spider too.”

I told her, “No way! I don’t want to be a spider.”

She patiently asked, “Who was your favorite childhood superhero?”

I replied, “Uh…spider man?”

She started laughing and asked me, “What do you do for a living?”

I said, “I make…web…sites?”

She laughed and laughed. Then I woke up completely with her laughter ringing in my head.


Hope you enjoyed reading about the spider dreams! I thought they were amusing and never had those types of dreams before.

Xoxo, Katja