Ghost in the House

Tell me a few years ago that I may have a negative entity in my home and I would have probably laughed in your face. Jokes on me though because until I experienced it for myself, I had a hard time believing it was real.

A few years ago while my husband Jaska and I were still dating, I moved into his house and immediately felt uncomfortable and unwelcomed. At the time I didn’t understand where this feeling was coming from. I blamed it on the dynamics between Jaska, his female roommate at the time, and myself.

The female roommate, let’s call her Jody, was an incessant complainer about daily life. She had a high-paying job, a great deal from my husband for her living situation, and plenty of co-workers inviting her for a social night out. However, it was never enough. She felt that she deserved more and did not express gratefulness for the things she already had. I joked with my husband a few times that she was so negative that sometimes I felt a negative energy following her. At the time, I didn’t believe in any crazy ghost or spirit existence. Eventually, my husband tired of Jody’s attitude and asked her to move out.

Surprisingly, the unwelcoming energy DID NOT leave with Jody. I still felt the uncomfortable, unwelcoming feeling on a daily basis, especially around our living room area. A few friends who visited also mentioned how chilly it was around our living room. While the rest of the house was “normal” cold during the winter time, the living room seemed to be bone-chilly.

My dog Roxi has also barked and growled at something invisible in the living room. I was home alone with this happened. I went to see what Roxi was looking at, maybe a bug? However, there was nothing there and I watched her eyes/head follow an invisible movement across the living room while barking and growling threateningly.

My television in the living room has also turned on by itself while I was home alone. However, I figured that a neighbor probably had the same remote control and our frequencies were getting mixed up.

What finally convinced me was when I brought a Himalayan salt candle holder back from the crystal store and placed it in the living room. Immediately the uncomfortable feelings I’ve had since I moved into this house left me. After a few days, Jaska also commented on how the living room for some reason felt a lot more comfortable. I looked up “Himalayan salt crystal” and learned that ghosts are really repelled by it. After this, I got the same uncomfortable feeling when I walked through the hallway of my home. Seems like the ghost moved locations.

I meditated that night and saw an angry female child and felt a blast of anger. That freaked me out and I decided it was time for whatever it was to leave and also when I decided that ghosts were definitely real.


How to Remove Negative Entities and Negative Energy

Regardless of whether you’ve had a negative entity or not, you’ve probably felt the heaviness inside your home after an argument with your spouse or children. Depending on the level of anger or upset feelings, the energy usually lingers for an amount of time and can build up if not cleanse.

Homes with a huge build up of negative energy can attract negative entities like ghosts. The negative energy becomes like a beacon to them and they come looking for its source.

To clear your home of negative energy, burn a blue candle and a white candle in every room. For the blue candles, I usually use a dark or cobalt blue color. For white candles, I burn soy candles with lead-free wicks. Unfortunately, the dark/cobalt blue color is unavailable with soy candles. Nevertheless, we want to make our environment as toxic-free as possible. Make sure to keep the candles in check and do not leave them unattended very long to prevent any accidents. Remember to have caution whenever fire is involved. When you feel that the room’s energy has been cleared, you may snuff out the candles. I usually let the candles burn for at least 15 minutes. I do not blow out the candles but instead use a spoon or a metal lid to snuff out the flame.

If you have a low-level negative entity in your home (as I did), do the above. In addition, open your door and windows to let the entity out. Say with focused intention something like this, “Any negative entity that does not support the positive and harmonious energies of this house need to leave now.” I usually chant this for 15 minutes or until I feel an energy shift in the house.

If you feel that you have a higher-level entity invading your home and the above instructions didn’t work, please feel free to contact me and I will see if I can provide further assistance.

Have you ever had a ghostly encounter or experience? Please let me know in the comments below.